IVOTY Jury Meeting 23.08.2018 in Valkenburg

Aug 23, 2018

Meeting IVOTY

Thursday 23 August – Valkenburg

Spain and Germany excused

Czech Rep absent


President says welcome – minutes read from last meeting

Fiat Professional CEO meeting – he will send on some details

Tesla – getting nowhere  – no response – not interested in the press

Nissan – members advised to arrange eNV200 drives in home country – no event


IVOTY candidates –

Joint voting form with ITOY – IVOTY – preferred by adjudicator RHA UK – additional form for Truck Innovation Award

Deadline voting before or on 31 August please

Associate members –

Czech Republic- President – spoke to Milan – he’s busy – being much absent from events.

Website – not much progress as yet

VW 6-7 September – new boss hopefully there.

IPUA – invites Mitsubishi L200 Thailand 6 November – 10/11 November – President will ask for invites for countries who are not yet invited


Minutes are proposed and seconded by Norway and NL


IAA-trophy handover

Handover is reserved 10 minutes at the end of press conference of winning brand eg Mercedes 8.30 – PSA 13.20 Everyone should be present! Photography opp will be only there. Members please let Ford know if you go to the dinners around IAA. Also if attending Mercedes, VW evenings. President asks to tell him soon, so he can inform Ford. IVOTY winner will have a winner’s evening possibly – but also importers night for many members

Associate membership – North America, Brazil, South Africa, Australia – suitable candidates nominated so far. Some of them are on the ITOY associate membership. Manufacturers appreciates it. Caution of some that we do not get to many assiocate members. Meeting with them at future events. Recommendations from other brands to follow.

Czech Republic – steering committee had a meeting – deemed that Milan is not qualified to vote because of being absent from too many events this year.

Poland asks if we can limit someone to vote. Romania asks how it is. President stated that members need to attend half of the IVOTY events to be eligible to vote. It’s in the rules. Jury can withold Czech from voting for this year’s award (2019). President will list a diary of events to date in 2018 and contact Milan. If the list he returns shows his absence from too many events or also not driven not enough vans, he cannot vote and is suspended.

Membership fee. It is a requirement from the legal side of the company that we have a membership fee which is set at €300 which also covers the cost of the replica trophy. Membership of IVOTY and IPUA together is €500. Rumblings on this subject are said to be around with some members in the jury but the President did not hear anything. Fee is minimal compared to the big advantages we have, meeting CEO’s and everything. Appreciate your position, he stressed.

Turkey asks – every year or second year. Every year for IVOTY and every second year for IPUA members.

Poland says some importers/brands never support the IVOTY. President says we are obliged to report on IVOTY but not only look at the business or commercial side of things. The replica can help to build a relationship with brands/importers. It is the task of importer and jury members to come together. Croatia says it’s our job to present a trophy, it’s part of being a member. If anyone has an issue with  the membership fee, please talk to the President. The new trophy replica is ready. 60 per cent of the real size.

IAA CV 2018 Advertisement – President saw one in a obscure Irish motoring magazine – why are jury members not selected he asked and sent letter to the VDA on the matter – only Italy had one advertisement from IAA. Switzerland asked about it but his magazine was not selected. President has arranged talk to agency in IAA.

Solutrans asks if IVOTY and IPUA is interested for 2019. Members says yes. No decision yet though. President to discuss it at IAA and see the proposal from Solutrans.

White-paper recommended by Switzerland in the making. He will request the commentary from members Will resume things in autumn.

President remembers the sad loss of Mr. Marchionne, CEO FCA, who died recently and all he contributed to the automotive industry.

Presidents closes five minutes early. Next group event with VW early September.