IVOTY Jury Meeting 02.04.2019 in Amsterdam

Apr 2, 2019

IVOTY meeting Amsterdam 02.04.19

Apologies: Austria, Portugal, France & Romania



Letter from Bulgaria – Lachezar replacing Krassimir – whole jury agrees

Minutes last meeting read by Chairman  – approved

Awards ceremony 2019 + beyond

The IAA as a venue for the ceremony was okay but no more than that. We need to look at that situation. Transpotec, Italy is maybe an alternative. In two years time it will go back to Milan, the Expo terrain. Time to think about that. Transpotec is in February and with Solutrans in November, time could be short for winners to exploit and experience their win.

Events / possible contenders for this year:

Iveco – April 3/4/5
Renault – new Master and Trafic – static – April 23rd
PSA Opel Vivaro – June
Ford – New models drive – September – Copenhagen
Hyundai H300 / H1?
VW T6.1 at Bauma
Fiat Dobló?
Nissan new Navara, NV250


IPUA trials Sweden

Anders Karlsson organising – 30 Sept – 2 Oct.

30 Sept. Arrival – presentations and drive on October 1 – 2. Members are urged to register if not already done.

Present Pick-ups at IPUA Trials are:

RAM 1500 – non-contender
Peugeot – representative
Isuzu D-Max
Ssangyoung Grand Musso
Mitsubishi L200
Ford – Rangers and new Raptor as non-contender
VW Amarok – defending
Nissan Navara

Renault Alaskan

Chairman asks which members want to be member of IPUA jury as well? Let it be known to Chairman  It’s always good for a story. Just send a message to Chairman or Norway / Torbjorn

Anders to send on details re: airport, drive venues and hotels in order to book in advance at best rates

Jury memberships

Czech situation – Milan present in Amsterdam. Chairman is to talk with him.

Portugal –  Chairman to speak with Fausto in Turin

Replica trophies

Chairman asks if everyone did get them?. Producing the replicas took a long time because of the amount of them. Chairman asks please organise handover of trophies with local PR representatives and/or management and send on photos.


Financial situation. – please pay the annual fees asap. Over half of membership has done so far.

Belgium has still has to receive an invoice.

Membership for IVOTY for IPUA total €500 – costs are to allocate membership of the IVOTY company. It’s an administrative tool as well.

Balance from to end March  €15,956 – Income €41,158 – Expenditure €25,202  – What to do with the money? Some to spend on the IPUA trials to cover the cost of organisation, plus website set up charges and purchasing main triophies and replicas in advance.

Chairman says we have to be careful not to have too much money in the bank to avoid taxes.

  • And then a beautiful blonde woman enters the room and wants to joint the meeting. Chairman politely sends her away! ☹


IVOTY website is in the making by Matko Croatia. It includes an event diary for us and brands – more news and info about the jury. Website in place soon.

Ai mto give the password to ITOY-chairman so he can look into the schedule as well. Special stories to put it up on the website to show the world we are first and exclusive.


Mercedes-Benz PR not happy with IVOTY – very dissappointed not to win last  year. They arrange special events but output is not satisfactory. Maybe Daimler will not organise special events for us anymore. eSprinter should be a contender this year, but Daimler had no time to meet IVOTY Chairman at Geneva, despite being arranged. What can we do about that? Basically they are sore losers. How can we make sure that MB see all our output? Netherlands suggests to send more magazines or PDF’s.

What is the recipe to win the IVOTY award? More engagement is maybe the answer. Groupe PSA is the example. Maybe we should meet up with the new Daimler Chairman now Volker Mornhinweg is retiring. Jury wishes him well. Croatia says MB Sprinter is disappointing in practice. Van is not so good compared to competitors.

White Paper

Steering Committee had a good meeting with Fiat in Verona – outline of their vision. We want to make a vision ourselves – Switzerland has been working on white paper. Henrik says white paper should be a contribution of visions. Part of it should be a poll about several issues  so we can see a trend after a few years. Then we can have statistic data and a tool to promote our jury once more. We can also review new developments like cargobikes and Vision Urbanetic. Switzerland will send a concept of the white paper to Chairman, who will also send it to Fiat Professional. End of May is the goal to have it ready. Switzerland is working on white paper. Henrik says it’s almost done.


Solutrans as trophy presentation event? – Vote taken – unanimous yes. We should look at Transpotec as an alternative possible for iAA.


Germany says Cargobike of the Year award will be launched at a Cargobike Festival in Groningen, Netherlands. Germany and NL will attend and try to send out info.

Chairman concludes meeting at 8.00 am.

Recorded by Arjan (NL)