IPUA Group Test 2023

Sep 4, 2023

Stage set for the International Pick-up Award Group Tests in Greece

Following the successful staging of the International Pick-up Tests in Croatia in 2021, the jury cavalcade moves eastward across Europe and on to Greece and into the Athens region for the 2023 group exercise.

Hosted by Troxoi & TIR Magazine, the biennial competition will see all the top contenders with representation from Ford, Isuzu, Maxus, Toyota, Volkswagen along with guest appearances by Ford USA, Ram and Ineos.

The three day event, from 16-18 October, will take in on-road and off-road test drive sessions as well as fuel consumption and dimension measurements. Members of the participating International Van of the Year jury are looking forward to the on road tests, which will take place along one of the most stunning coastlines and scenic drives in Europe – the renowned Athens Riviera. This South-East shoreline of the Athens peninsula stretches over more than 60 kms from Piraeus to Cape Sounio, where the imposing Temple of Poseidon stands.

The off-road tests will happen on demanding terrain within the Lavreotiki area, recognised by UNESCO: “As an outstanding example of a technological and a cultural landscape. It is a testimony to the extensive mining and metallurgical activity (from as early as 3200 BC) that brought the city-state of Athens to prominence as a dominant power in Classical antiquity. Lavrio became a multicultural industrial centre, the first in modern Greece and one of the largest in the Mediterranean.”

Vassilis Daramouskas, Senior Test Editor, Troxoi & TIR Magazine, on behalf of the organisers is looking forward to welcoming fellow jury members to Greece and see what his native land has to offer and provide a most suitable stage for the event: “Yes indeed, we will extend a warm welcome to colleagues and representatives from the manufacturers participating in the competition and also to the guest players with prototypes in the exercise. The occasion is a great opportunity to see and analyse the best of technology in pick-ups of today and tomorrow, all of which will be well reported and published by jury members in their magazines and web based media outlets,” he said.

It is the sixth running of the biennial competition since its formation in 2009. Previous winners of this prestigious title are the VW Amarok (2), Ford Ranger (2), Nissan Navara and Toyota Hilux.

The announcement and presentation of the International Pick-up Award 2024/25 will be made at Solutrans 2023, at EurExpo, Lyon on 22 November next.