OBITUARY – Stanislav “Stanley” Cvengros – IVOTY member Slovakia & Czech Republic

May 31, 2022

Stanislav “Stanley” Cvengroš, a Slovak in body and soul, has  entered the annals of history in automotive journalism. Several generations of readers from commercial vehicle stakeholders, to truck drivers, and motorsport fans,  all appreciated his articles and expertise.

Stanley wasn’t just a journalist. His life was interwoven with desires and achievements in many areas. But everything revolved around vehicles and engines. Whether powered by single-track or double-track, or if they growled under the bonnets of test vehicles or racing specials, Stanley was always willing to pass on his feelings, thoughts and experiences to others. He was able to convey his knowledge in such a way that everyone understood him. That was his strength – he could behave, talk, live and work in a way that everyone who came in contact respected and admired him.

He worked in motorcycle workshops in England, and respected the English way. He appreciated the British insight, truthfulness, their sense of honour, and, most of all, top shelf whiskey with ice, but was aware, drank with only one ice cube, as it was English practice, after all.

Stanley raced motorbikes successfully and managed the Czech truck brand Liaz’ racing team with great results.

Over six decades or more, he composed thousands of articles and undertook hundreds of tests on trucks and light commercial vehicles, as well as writing several books on related subjects.

He also founded the Czechoslovak version of the pan-European magazine Trucker, and as editor-in-chief set high standards for others to follow. As a long serving member of the International Truck of the Year and International Van of the Year juries, representing Slovakia and the Czech Republic, his views and ideas were widely respected, before his retirement over ten years ago.

His other great passion was dogs, and reared and loved many breeds and always spoke affectionatly about these animal members of his family.

Stanislav “Stanley” Cvengroš, was born on 16 October, 1938, and passed away on May 21, 2022. His wife predeceased him a few years ago. He will be missed by his colleagues and friends in the road transport and motorsport sectors.

Milan Olsansky.