Temporarily suspension Russia as a representative country

Mar 6, 2022

In relation to the invasion of Ukraine by Russian Forces, the International Van of the Year Award (IVOTY) jury and affiliated members of the International Pick-up Award (IPUA) jury has decided by a unanimous vote to temporarily suspend Russia as a representative country from all its activities and voting.

Following the combined on-line jury meeting, held on Friday 4 March, Jarlath Sweeney, Chairman of the IVOTY & IPUA stated that this was a most difficult decision to make and was in no way personal to the long standing members from Russia. “The unanimous decision is in reaction to the Russian military entering Ukraine. The temporary suspension is not against our members, whom we respect and are colleagues for decades. The Russian jury member, deputy and their publications are not excluded from the Jury, but their entitlement to vote is suspended until we see a change of the situation with regard to the conflict. A further announcement will be made in due course as the situation evolves.”