Vehicle that will ‘Change your business perspective’

Jul 27, 2019

New Iveco Daily

The New Daily takes connectivity to a new level, unlocking a world of highly personalized services precisely tailored to the customer’s real use of the vehicle to provide a complete transport solution that will change the way they fulfil their transport requirements.

IVECO launched today the New Daily to the international press in a two-day event held at the CNH Industrial Village in Turin, Italy, which included a plenary conference, digital interactive workshops and test drives of the new vehicle.

This event was also the first meeting with the press for Gerrit Marx, President Commercial and Specialty Vehicles, since he joined IVECO and for the Daily team leaders in their new roles – Raffaele Di Donfrancesco as Head of LCV Global Product Line and Sergio Piperno Beer as Light Line Business Director.

The commercial vehicle industry is experiencing change at an unprecedented rate, driven by megatrends such as digitalization, automation, electrification and servitization. The New Daily addresses these trends, turning them into opportunities for customers. In 40 years of success, the Daily has become a brand, recognized for its uniqueness and as the headliner in its segment.

Today, the New Daily builds on the strengths of this heritage to deliver on performance and sustainability, which come hand in hand with fuel efficiency and low Total Cost of Ownership, benefiting the customers’ profitability. It raises the bar on Connectivity, unlocking a world of new services to provide a complete package closely tailored to the customers’ use of the vehicle and their businesses. It offers a full set of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and enhanced safety features, while providing the best-in-class on-board living comfort and driving experience.

The New Daily introduces a complete range of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems that enable the driver to focus on the job, which requires an increasing degree of multitasking, and improve their safety. In developing these features, IVECO has focused on functionalities specifically aimed at helping drivers in urban missions.

The Advanced Emergency Braking System and City Brake PRO prevents collisions at speeds below 50 km/h, and mitigates the impact at higher speeds. It autonomously detects the potential for a collision ahead and brakes accordingly if the driver doesn’t intervene, ensuring their safety.

The New Daily goes even further with the City Brake PRO, which operates to prevent accidents when driving as slowly as 5 km/h.

The New Daily also uses technology to reduce the driver’s stress levels. In urban missions, where customers often drive in heavy traffic, Queue Assist will make a big difference by following the vehicle ahead in slow-moving queues up to a standstill, eliminating the stress of stop-start traffic.

The New Daily is the first 7.2-tonne vehicle to offer the Queue Assist and City Brake PRO functionalities.