Fiat presents its best ever Ducato

Jul 27, 2019

The new Ducato MY2020 is making its debut: the evolution of the best-selling Fiat Professional vehicle which has accommodated various business requirements with cutting-edge solutions for 38 years, from goods transport vehicles, to the more complex outfitted vehicles, including the conversion bases for motorhomes.

The Ducato is in fact the undisputed European market leader for the fifth year running, number one in terms of sales in 12 different countries and the absolute leading vehicle as a base for motorhomes in Europe: approximately 3 in every 4 motorhomes sold are Fiat Ducato. The success shown by these figures can be explained by the ability to provide a comprehensive solution to various professional needs: customers can rely on the Ducato and on its versatility for any transportation or work requirement, from carrying people to making urban deliveries, form vehicles outfitted to carry refrigerated goods to camping cars, thanks to technical features, such as the payload, volume and axle loads, which are record-breaking among front-wheel drive vehicles, teamed with the most extensive choice of wheelbase, length and height variants. The new Ducato MY2020 is today facing a new, engaging challenge: that of becoming the best ever Ducato.

It was difficult to perfect such a successful model: to do so, Fiat Professional engineers focused on an even more tailored approach, a development guided by best practices and by concrete experience. Today, the engines are all 6D, even more efficient, eco-friendly and high-performing, with various fuel types to the benefit of the environment. The new “9Speed” automatic transmission is also being launched. This is a latest-generation torque converter, capable of best exploiting all the engine’s torque points.

It is the best transmission in its category in terms of weight, guaranteeing reliability and durability along with driving satisfaction at all times. Moreover, a completely electric version, which implements Fiat Professional technologies and supplements the Ducato Natural Power methane-powered version in the alternative fuels offering, will be available during 2020. The Ducato Electric is being developed through an innovative pilot project, together with major selected clients to offer more appropriate solutions with no trade-off in terms of load and performance. Last but not least, there is no shortage of the most advanced ADAS driving assist devices and a latest-generation infotainment system.